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At present , the major part of electric power in The Czech Republic is produced of fossil fuels, from which combustion are formed harmful substances for the inhabitants of the planet, among which in a negative sense stands out the carbon dioxide (CO2).

We believe that one of the ways how to, at least partially, mitigate this fact is to produce electricity from sources that already exist and for not only humanity, but also for all life on this planet, safe and environmentally friendly. One of the most economic ways producing electricity from views stated above is the use of solar energy at which the electrical energy is produced by the direct conversion of solar radiation. And as we all know, the energy of solar radiation that reaches the earth's surface is of the order of several times higher than what the global energy needs of mankind all over the globe. It offers therefore a question: Why not take advantage of such potential? Given the above, previous experience and long-term efforts to conserve environment, both in private and in business life, our activities have resulted in establishment of a company preparing and implementing projects that are friendly to the environment, especially the projects of the photovoltaic power plants. Our company specializes in creating environmental projects that may significantly affect the reduction of CO2. We strive to promote and apply technologies that can actively reduce the energy consumption of buildings and industrial facilities dependent on energy produced from fossil fuels.

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We provide complex services in the field of renewable energy. Our company is professionally and properly equipped for the implementation of any construction contracts. One of the main scales success of service is the ability to communicate with the customer.
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